Creativity At Work

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What sounds more fun? Filling in spreadsheets with data for eight hours or coming up with new and exciting ideas? I’ll go ahead and assume you went with option two. The opportunity to innovate is something most of us want...

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Find Inspiration

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Whenever you see something from the big wide world that captures your attention, put it on display. It can be any discovery: an awesome ad in a magazine, an unusually arranged menu, or even a well-written email that made you...

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Bring It To Life

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Stop talking and start building! Put your thoughts into words, your words into pictures, and your pictures into prototypes. When people can see your idea, they’re less likely to forget it and much more likely to take it seriously and...

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Fuel Up on Creativity

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For too many of us, checking our phone is the first thing we do each day. Feed your mind with creativity instead of diving into the email deluge (that can wait). Pick your favorite song, podcast, or blog to kick-start...

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Life On The Road

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Artist and writer William Morris once said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” I whispered these words to myself one warm May morning as I hauled boxes of...

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Before Heading West

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Before heading west, we did a 10-day mini trip through Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine in order to evaluate our supplies. As we learned to operate in our new mini home, we were forced to ask, “What could we do...

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In The Middle Of A Rainforest

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Camping out under a starry sky, in the middle of a tropical lowland rainforest is a great way to enjoy the nature. It is a unique opportunity to experience the mystery, comradeship, and adventure of an expedition into a primeval...

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